Whitmer & Associates

Whitmer and Associates, LLC Expert Vocational staff have evaluated numerous kinds of injury cases, to include closed head injuries, personal injuries of all kinds, mental health injuries, veterans cases, social security disability cases, neurological cases, muscleskeletal cases, divorce cases, sexual assault, divorce, employment law cases, medical malpractice cases, ergonomic evaluations, and job development/career counseling.

Our counselors are nationally certified through one of the recognized certifying bodies of Certified Disability Managment Speicalist Commission of the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Commission.

Scott Whitmer is certified with the following organizations:
CDMSC (Certified Disability Management Specialist Commission)
CRCC  (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Commission)
ABVE  (American Board of Vocational Experts)

Affiliated Organizations:
American Rehabilitation Economics Associations
Matheson Ergonomic Evaluation

While protocol and methodology is important in any case evaluated, even more important is the human side of each case.  There is a story behind the facts of each case and a warm living person trying to cope with residuals of the injury.  The human story of each case needs to be told and brought forth along with the facts of the case.  Each person and human story is central and critical in our evaluations.

Whether we are hired by the plaintiff or the defense, methodology is consistent and impartiality remains a hallmark of our evaluation protocol.  For more information on how to proceed with an evaluation through Whitmer and Associates, please call at 1-509-248-3266.

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