Whitmer & Associates

Vocational Evaluation/Assessment and Expert Testimony uses reliable and sound practices that are centrally the same across civil case venues.  So if you have questions about occupational needs, earning losses, labor market access issues, work life expectancy, diminished earnings, physical capacities, mental restrictions, ergonomic assistive needs, wrongful termination, vocational retraining needs, career counseling, or testing and evaluation, please call for an initial consultation to determine if we can assist.

Services typically get carried out in the following manner but can be different in order of protocol and depending on the case and referral need:
1.  Referral is made via electronic or via hard copy document.
2.  A review of the fact pattern is completed.
3.  A consultation or communication with the referral source is completed to decide if services are appropriate.
4.  A meeting is held with the injured party and other stakeholders.
5.  Analysis of facts, data, records are applied to medical opinions.
6.  Testing, Transferable Skills, Job Analyses, Labor Market Research or other evaluation is completed.
7.  A vocational evaluation report is written to support the vocaitonal findings of the case.

A typical case analysis and evaluation takes 90 to 120 days but can be completed sooner if legal deadlines are looming. 

Services are performed and billed at an hourly rate.  For an hourly rate professional fee schedule, please call Scott Whitmer, M.Ed., CRC, CDMS, ABVED at 509-248-3266.