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Whitmer and Associates, LLC is a professional firm providing vocational evaluation, vocational rehabilitation counseling and expert testimony services.  Our main offices are in Washington State (Seattle, Yakima, Kennewick, Wenatchee), but we provide services in other states when called to do so.  Services provided include:

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Some case examples include:  (The names and scenarios have been masked to protect confidentiality)

Theresa was injured in an automobile accident resulting in bilateral wrist injuries.  She was precluded from returning to work in her occupation as a Radiological Technician. Vocational testing and evaluation, physical capacities evaluations and medical opinions supported her need to retrain in sedentary physical capacity.  The evaluation showed reasonable and probable earning capacities losses for the remainder of her work life but she was able to return to work mitigating her earnings losses.

Jeffrey sustained a closed head injury and could no longer communicate in a way that would lead to him being employable in the labor market.  Neuropsychological evaluations along with the vocational evaluation provided the trier of fact evidence that revealed he was no longer going to be able to work on a full time continuous gainful capacity.  Jeffrey was found to be unable to work at all.  Earning capacity, medical costs analysis, and household production loss were calculated to show his losses and damages as a result of the closed head injury residuals.

Mario worked as a construction contractor and was injured after falling from scaffolding.  The plaintiff vocational evaluator assessed he would not be able to work at all in the future.  Whitmer and Associates evaluated the claimant and found he was able to work as an Estimator and or a Building Inspector after administering aptitude testing and medical opinions were obtained.  Loss of earnings were limited to a 2 year duration while Mario went through retraining to become fully employable once again.